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Jairo grew up in Nicaragua and has always dreamed of working in missions. He has a degree in business administration, and after 15 years working in various aspects of business, he is excited to be following God’s lead to share the Gospel with small farmers in Nicaragua.

Kelly grew up in the United States and has combined her love of teaching with her passion for missions. She enjoys teaching Kindergarten at Nicaragua Christian Academy International (NCAI) and helping to ‘train future leaders of Nicaragua’. “Nicaragua Christian Academy partners with Christian parents in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence.“


Mombachito Community:


Nicaragua Christian Academy Inernational

In 2009 the Solano family returned to the beautiful country of Nicaragua, to witness and share God’s love with the people of this great country.


To share our faith in Jesus Christ so that everyone shall be reconciled with God, which is the only way to overcome spiritual poverty

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Momabachito Community

Population: 1600

Occupation: Agriculture

Access to basic services: 2 hours away
Livelihood: Most families own the lot where their house is built, along with a couple of acres to farm. However, there are many families that have to rent land to farm or work for big farmers.

Religion: Most of the community professes to be Roman Catholic, although there is no organized church structure in the community. There is a small evangelical church, Church Of God of the Prophecy.

Politics: There is a political organized structure affiliated with the current political party in power.